A wine for every occasion

Sphera combines the thousand facets of Lake Garda wine with a widely diversified selection capable of representing all the enological potential of the Lombard hills. Inside the cellars of the farm take shape the distinctive tastes of the various declinations of the classic Garda wine , expressed through the production of white, red, rosé and Brut.

Not just wine

Sphera does not offer "only" wine but also genuine products of the earth and tasty sweet and savory preparations. In such a wide and diversified range of proposals, the common thread is unique: the love for everything that comes from a passionate processing of local nature.

What is Sphera Shop

If you have been following us for a while, you will certainly know that Pratello is not a simple cellar, but much more .

We like to define ourselves as a small ecosystem that over the years - thanks to the efforts first of my grandparents and then of my parents - has grown exponentially .
The activities we carry out and the services we offer vary from the production of wine and oil to hospitality, from scientific research to the cultivation and processing of organic products.

We put 100% into all our activities, building a precise identity for each of them .

We are extremely satisfied with what we have created, but we realized that to reach all of you we would need a platform that encompasses all the products of all our companies: Pratello, Opera Roses, Mille 1, More than green and Terra del Garda .

SpheraShop was born from this need, the new way to experience the Pratello world.