Collection: Opera Roses

Opera Roses was born from the intuition that there is no winery specialized in the enhancement of still rosé: it is considered as an accessory wine compared to the more popular reds, whites and sparkling wines.

To give shape and concreteness to this intuition were 2 young winemaking brothers from Valtènesi Naike and Nathan Bertola who with their 7 ha and a half of vine have decided to give prestige to this excellence, giving life to the first winery, in Italy, specialized exclusively to the art and science of Rosè fermi production.

A courageous, ambitious and unique project, which wants to make Opera Roses the Italian reference for pink wines.

Starting from the cultivation of the 4 traditional vines of the Valtènesi they have been able to combine the tradition of the territory with the enological innovation, giving life to 4 versions of rosé with well-defined identities.