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Opera Roses



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Kept in a wooden chest

Grape variety
Groppello, Marzemino, Barbera, Sangiovese


Moraine soil 

Training System

Single side arch pruned at 7/8 buds

Density per hectar/Yield per plant

5200 plants per hectar/1.5 kg per plant

Light maceration, fermentation in 500-liter French oak new tonneaux. Processing continues with aging of the wine in second'passage tonneaux.

Pink color with pearly hues.

Rich and complex. Notes of vanilla, spice, strawberry, flat peach.

Soft and velvety, it leaves a back taste of strawberry, vanilla and coconut. Reminiscent of beeswax.

Food Pairing

Incredible when paired with a horse meat tartare.

Serving Temperature 

To be served at a temperature of 12-14°C in a tulip-shaped glass.

Tasting Notes

Fermented and aged in wooden barrels for 12 months, it evokes the Valtènesi tradition of the early 20th century. With an intense, spicy and smooth taste, it retains its flavor much longer than other rosés.

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