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Opera Roses

Discovering Opera Roses

Discovering Opera Roses

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"Opera Roses Winery" is a small 7.5 hectare farm located on the Valtènesi hills.

It is the first and only winery specialized in the exclusive production of still rosé wines.

The tasting includes the tasting of all four rosés with an explanation of their identities and tasting characteristics. Furthermore, the tasting will end with the testing of the new project "Gin Opera" and "Ballerina" Vermouth Rosa based on our wines.

What's included

- "Opera" 

- "Chloe" 

- "Evelyn" 

- "Rocco" 

- "Gin Opera" (obtained starting with 40% Opera wine)

- "Ballerina" Vermouth Rosa (obtained with 30% Chloe and 30% Rocco)

In combination with a platter of products from the "Bottega Contadina".
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