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Azienda Agricola Pratello

Groppello Amphora 2015

Groppello Amphora 2015

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The spiciness of Groppello comes out immediately. Then accompanied by the Salinity, stamp of the Territory .


Third level pebbly morainic terrain (300 meters above sea level) with a high concentration of limestone.

Fermentation in steel with maceration for a total of 22 days and aging for two years in 1600L unglazed terracotta amphora. Indigenous yeasts. (3 micron filtration).
Approximately 2 years of bottle aging.

Transparent, crystalline garnet, looks to orange tones.

The glass that best enhances its sweet tones is Bormioli INALTO. The spiciness of Groppello comes out immediately, combined with the aromas of macerated and processed fruits; the drupes, the black olives, the peach stone come out, sometimes showing pine resin, dried lavender, a mixture of forest and meadow. The aroma benefits from a certain oxygenation.

On the palate it has the balsamic freshness in evidence, the acidity still well structured, the long-limbed body, tapered but not at all submissive. In the finale, salinity, stamp of the territory, returns for the umpteenth time. Average length.

4800 plants / ha YIELD PER PLANT 0.8 kg per plant

Serve at a temperature of 15/16 ° C. We recommend using the Bormioli Inalto or Borgogna Zalto glass.

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